Lina Lapelyte's 'Candy Shop'


An ever-evolving, largely a cappella performance of lyrics collected from hip hop and spoken word artists such as 50 cent, Akala and Run DMC.


Featuring: Lina Lapelyte - vocals/electronics/accordian, Sharol Gal - vocals/harp, Angharrad Davies - vocals, Anat Ben David - vocals/electronics, Heidi Heidelberg - vocals & Nouria Bah - vocals


Performances include: Counterflows (UK), Queen Elizabeth Hall (UK), Borealis Festival (NO), FIAC (FR)...

'The Guise', 'Innermind', 'Tenants'


Compositions and improvisations performed as live film scores for cinematographic duo Makkina


Featuring: Ines von Bonhorst - projections, cinematography, Yuri Pirondi - projections, cinematography, Heidi Heidelberg - vocals, guitar, loops, fx & Mauricio Velasierra - flutes, fx


Performances at: The Barbican Centre, V&A Museum, Building Bloqs...

Female Athletes

Free improvisation ensemble working with various themes, such as the doping scandal in East Berlin, as a foundation for improvised musicals and radio plays.


Featuring: Peter Ehwald - saxophone, piano, assorted instruments, Mauricio Velasierra - flutes, effects, assorted instruments & Heidi Heidelberg - vocals, fx, drums, assorted instruments


Featured on Deutschlandfunk 2018


A Jennifer Bell Company production of a cappella song tours of the Houses of Parliament


Performances at Houses of Parliament (UK), The Arches (UK) & featured on BBC Parliament and BBC Radio 4 'Word of Mouth'

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The Birds

A collaborative composition built from improvisations on a painting by Hisko Hulsing


Featuring: Oene van Geel - viola, composition and loops, Heidi Heidelberg - vocals, composition and lyrics

Twists of HC Andersen's

Untaped Fairy Tales


Originally formed as part of Philipp Ruettgers' North Sea Jazz Festival composition commission in 2018.


Featuring: Philipp Ruettgers - piano/electronics, Heidi Heidelberg - vocals/guitar, Oene van Geel - quintone viola, Yonga Sun - drums/electronics & Joerg Brinkmann - cello


Performances at North Sea Jazz Festiva (NL), LantarenVenster (NL), Bimhuis (NL), So What's Next Festival (NL)


Twists of HC Andersen's Untaped Fairy Tales out now on Zennez Records